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Corporate Social Responsibility

Shrachi and Sustainability

Shrachi is committed to building a better and sustainable world for all of its stakeholders and the future generations.  We work, we innovate and we stride towards making a better future. With our outstanding team and proven experience, we aim at inspiring the world around us. With a view to achieving sustainable growth as a fast growing conglomerate, we are accelerating creation of economic and social value.

Shrachi and Environment

Shrachi consistently creates value to fulfil Corporate Responsibility. We not only contribute to the society through the development of superior and cutting edge products— be it in Realty, Agro machinery, Engineering or Stationery, we make conscious efforts in reducing our carbon footprint as well by selective and efficient use of raw materials and finished products.

Shrachi and Society

Since its inception more than fifty years back, Shrachi’s incessant efforts and commitment to philanthropic activities have brought about positive change in the local community and society. Shrachi has taken incalculable initiatives in improving the quality of life of people in and around locations of its project sites and factories and has always been instrumental in building capacity to create wealth and employment among them.

Shrachi CSR Events

Shrachi Employee Eye Checkup Camp

20th Feb, 2016
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PRAYAS – Durgapur

5th Jul, 2016
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CMERI Cooking Competition, Durgapur

11th Jun, 2016
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Workshop on Corporate Responsibility - A Way Forward for Change, Kolkata

11th Feb, 2014
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Sabuj Shapath, Burdwan

18th Aug, 2016
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We care for Kolkata Police

23rd Sep, 2017
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Shrachi Group of Companies

Shrachi Group of Companies